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    In the Upper Room

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    상품명 In the Upper Room
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In the Upper Room

Organ Music for the Communion Service

Composers:  Michael Shea (Compiler)

Description: In response to many requests, we proudly present this stunning collection of organ music that beautifully complements the meditative qualities of the communion service. The opening selection, "The Last Supper" by John Innes, sets the gentle mood for the entire volume. There are fourteen prayerful and reverent pieces included, six of which are familiar hymn settings, plus four masterful arrangements from the classic repertoire. All of the music is quite accessible, accurately timed and registered for all organs.  

Usage / Emphasis: Holy Communion 

Difficulty: 3-staff 

Pages:  40 


Page Number Title Composer
3 The Last Supper Lucy Warriner
6 Sweet Hour of Prayer Robert Hughes
9 Cantilena Lani Smith
12 Hear My Song O Lord James Southbridge
15 Meditation on "Gordon" Gerald Peterson
18 I Call to Thee Lord Jesus Christ Lani Smith
20 Bread of the World Gilbert Martin
23 In the Upper Room Edward Broughton
24 Breath from a Bounteous Heaven James Southbridge
27 Adagio Lani Smith
29 My Faith Has Found a Resting Place James Southbridge
32 Here O My Lord David Paxton
35 Cleansing Fountain Edward Broughton
37 Cantabile Edward Broughton


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